Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Funnies for Tuesday

Dear Family & Friends, Another fine day in Sunny Harwich today, busy people, but there's always time to find a few more items of mirth just for you!...

1.  Here's a new idea magnetic invisible bolts

2.  The Funky Gibbon, he Walks the Bridge!

3. This is a sketch from the great Late Dave Allen - 

To infinity and beyond!


Never under estimate the Chinese

Real Woman!

Can be a bit chilly in Siberia!

You see anything?

Little tongue twister

Only in Russia!

Secondhand Aston anyone?
(Sorry not stereotyping - honest!)

Thanks Derek!

Sorry no Jokes tonight so here's a clip

Little lad sings - and how!
Thanks Jeanette

Harwich Weather from my home station
                    Sorry still no wind speed and direction - it's 180 degrees out at the moment  :-(

Summary for Wednesday  

Sunny Cool wind from E  Max 16c

Thanks for your visit!



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