Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Funnies on this Tuesday

Dear Family & Friends, Another clammy day here today, one heavy rain shower. and more expected. We found a few more bits and pieces which we hope will tickle your fancies!

1.  Take one climbing wall, one trampoline....And

2.  You're in the Alps, a skier flies by....Playing the trombone!

  3. As you know I love Fireworks, but how about fireworks in Daytime!


Yup he's a dog!

Another novel variant1

You have to be old and non kosher to enjoy this!


Thanks Pamela!

A drop kick might do the trick!

Baby elephant in the sea for the first time

Yet another first world problem

This one is especially for the girls!

Harwich weather from my (still broken) weather station

Summary for Wednesday

Rain and sun, possibility of thunderstorms  Max 24c

Thanks for calling by!



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