Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Dear Family & Friends, Today we painted the fence. I was going to play the "Tom Sawyer Trick" but no kids came by! Here are your Funnies...

1.  The scene, an aircraft has a nosewheel problem will he crash the thing? See the result

2.  Imagine Los Angeles without cars, this is eerie, but somehow Compelling!

3.  Star trek next generation, did you notice how Riker sits Down on a chair?

The cool reverse birthday candle thing


This is just disturbing!

Body snatchers?

Making out!

That's Windows for you!

No wonder Mark is smiling!


This is my son Matt
He is really displeased because he just discovered he had left his Jimmy's Iced Coffee at home

Sorry nobody delivered to Joke Central today
so here we have

Harwich Weather from my home station

Summary for Wednesday

Sun sun sun here it comes!
Max  21c

Thanks so much for your support!



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