Friday, 23 August 2013

Funnies for the Bank Holiday Weekend

Dear Family & Friends, It was another good day in Harwich with warm sun. We were busy painting and the like. I found a few more bits and pieces which I sincerely hope will make you titter....

1.  For QI fans a new site  Info Cloud

2.  Sinkhoes can be spectacular on land - but here's one in A River!

3.  Not a new idea, but how about a gyroscope made from A Bicycle Wheel



She would be 87 this year!

To Do !

Too many guns in the US!

Oh Dave!

What happened to Myspace?

At least he's honest!

Great Chemistry!

Joke Central

Thanks Both!

Harwich Weather for Saturday

Rain until mid afternoon  Max 19c

Thanks for your support!



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