Thursday, 29 August 2013

Funnies on Thursday

Dear Family & Friends, We did a few chores around the house today, I chased a few viruses and beat them - I hope! Now I am digging around for a few more bits and bobs for your tittilation!

1.  This is only an Ad, but the result is Surprising!

2.  This is silly, but demonstrates the Domino theory

3.  Here's a Russian military choir, surprising us with their rendition of "Skyfall"

Watch carefully!


Rustic drumkit

Richard goes to market...

Big girl - big fish - what's not to like!!!

Techy panacaea!

Jeremy does not understand

Love at first Xwing

I think I need Action pants!

Thanks Barbara!

Joke Central

More Wisdom from the QI Elves
Some of these may be repeats - Sorry!

Harwich weather for Friday

Sunny with broken cloud increasing around noon  Max  22c

Thanks for calling by!



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