Monday, 16 September 2013

Dear Family & Friends, This is the last Funnies for a week or so. We are entertaining guests (Klaus and Annegret - Klaus you may know is a great contributor to the blog!) We shall be busy entertaining our German Auntie and Uncle, and also it will be my 70th Birthday  :-)

1.  Thanks Geoff for this one....."Born to be Wild!"

2.  Another from Geoff  Japanese Bicycle Parking
In Germany they have had this for cars for 30 years!

3.  This from Derek  Dogs and Dominos

4.  Another from Derek, and 80 year old Kite flying Genius!

Smart ass!

That's the way Fido!

He waited a long time!

A "TaDa" moment for Mrs Smith

Marilyn the philosopher

It was solved - eventually

Not just a toy...

It has happened to many of us!

This will happen to many people!

Clever Sir!

Joke Central

Thanks Guys!

                                                                            Thanks Phill !

Harwich Weather for Tuesday

Starting bright, clouding up, rain PM  Max  12c

Thanks for calling by!
See you all next week



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