Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Funnies for Midweek

Dear Family & Friends,  We are halfway through the week, computers continue to arrive to be caressed or bashed as necessary! I stopped working on them to dig up some more little gems.....

1.  Here we see the CEO of Volvo Trucks - 
Being Awesome!

2.  I am not enamoured by the "Dubstep" - but this guy is kind of Clever

3.  This is Japanese, very clever but in my humble opinion - Totally Pointless!

Meet the "Tickle Stocks"

Yup that's the one!

Hey a Punk Beetle!

I don't know where this is - but it could be Hobbiton

Yes I'm with stupid!

I am not here - really!

Must be Canadian!


Thanks Derek!

Joke Central

Thanks Guys!

Singing at the pumps

Thanks Egg!

Harwich weather from my home station

Summary for Thursday

Enjoy it while you can - not so good Friday!
Max  23c

Thanks for staying with us!



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