Thursday, 12 September 2013

Funnies on Thursday

Dear Family & Friends, Not a bad day, 
an ordinary day, one where I did my very
 best to find some more pictorial fun!

1.  This is hair raising! Greymouth Bar NZ - 

2.  The Barbers shop singers have a Bass man who hits a note Very Low!

3.  If you don't travel well, this in the future May help!

Ooooooooh Errrrrrrr !



Once a KGB man........

Pity these two aren't still in charge!

Sad but - Colourful!


True - so true!

Helpful but insulting at the same time!

Joke central

Thanks Chaps!

Here's another clip...

Harwich Weather for Friday  (13th)

Rain until noon then cloudy  Max 19c

Thanks for calling by!



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