Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Funnies for Tuesday

Dear Family & Friends, I am a bit short of pictures tonight, so we'll have a change and embed a few movie clips that friends have kindly sent.....enjoy!

         Gloria and Pete sent me one like this - it didn't work on the blog so I found another similar
            Thanks Guys! (Now I understand what my Grandchildren are doing with those cups!)

This from John - Thanks Chap!

Dubai Tribute tp Whitney Houston
Thanks Susi !

This from Pete - Amazing pictures from Hubble
Thanks Pete!

Joke Central

Thanks Guys!


A bun is the lowest form of wheat!

Cheer up teacher!

At the vet's

Thanks Klaus!

What a whopper - tales in the bar will go on for years!

Thanks Maureen

Cool teacher!

Thanks Nick!

Harwich weather from my home station

Outlook for Wednesday

Showers early, brighter later  Max16c

Thanks for calling here!



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