Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Funnies for Wednesday

Dear Family & Friends, before we get Funny.....a word of caution...

You may have heard of "CryptLocker" - this is the latest from a long line of so called Ransomware. With my techy hat on I had words with collegues today and would warn you as friends to please beware. This Worm arrives as an E-mail attachment and the attachment is a Zip file. If you receive a mail with a zip file attachment delete it immediately even if it purports to come from someone you know. If you unzip the file, all your files will be encrypted with 256 bit encryption, (as used by NSA) that cannot be decrypted except by the villains who will charge $300 ! Do not pay them, better to loose your stuff than give thes criminals the oxygen they wish for, to develop even more horrid  viruses,
Therefore, please back up your data to an external hard drive, but here's the thing, do not leave this drive plugged in or it too will be encrypted! Leave it unplugged.
Some antiviruses and antimalware apps can kill the virus, but they are unable to decrypt your files - clean reinstall is the only answer, I have lampooned many fake virus scares in the past - this one scares me to hell! If you are running Mac, Linux or any other non Windows operating systems you will most probably be OK.

Now for your Funny stuff!

1.  Another infant prodigy Wows the Judges!

2.  Here's the real way to sell cars The Hyundai Way!

3.  We had a storm recently, and got away with it, our Danish friends were not so Lucky!


Photobomb 976

See Food!

Everyone I think!

Scary Girls!

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iPad Bomber strikes1

Ha Ha! So true!

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Harwich Weather for Thursday

Cloudy  Max 12c

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