Friday, 4 October 2013

Funnies for the Weekend

Dear Family & Friends, So the Weekend is here, I hope that you will have a really good one! Here are your Funnies......
PS Please don't miss Geoff's link right at the bottom of the page.........well worth a look!

1.  The cameraman is trying hard to be professional, but the horse has Other ideas!

2.  Is this the Mississippi basin? - no it's the Grand Union, home of Jazz!

3.  You've heard of Glaciers calving - this one is the Biggest ever filmed!

How about a High Ten?


Story of my life!


Origin of Species - or Reversion ???

Nicely done!

There is nothing - simply nothing, half so worth doing as messing,
simply messing about in boats!

Oh no! Not a meeting!

It happened to me too!

Windows has it improved?
Answer on both sides of the paper...

Joke Central

Thanks Chaps!

Harwich Weather from my home station

Summary for Harwich on Saturday

Sunny intervals possibility of a shower late PM  Max 18c

Thanks for calling by!



Sorry this is at the end, it just came in and I had to add it!
The Best best Man speech ever!!!
Thanks Geoff!

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