Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Funnies on Wednesday

Dear Family & Friends, Wet wet wet today, loads of computers to fix, so not much time for you chaps I'm afraid - here's my best effort.....

1.  This Canadian shows how to speak English English

2.  Ha Ha - student goes to lecture - with a Typewriter!

3.  This is a very clever stop motion clip - pointless but Clever!

Hiiiiii Officer - Oh! Shit!


My Sons would die for this...

Gargoyle   garblwrblwrblwrbl......

Oh Happy days! Please bring them back!

Thanks Gloria!

From the sublime to the Cor blimey!

Yes Run!

Methinks this guy has a load of explaining to do!

That's what Dads are for!

Thanks Nick!

Thanks John!

19th September is "Talk like a Pirate day"
It is also my birthday - so we fly the Jolly Roger
Here's the Pirates latest rendition...

Harwich Weather for Thursday

Fog early, cloudy later, rain in the evening  max  14c

Thanks for calling in!



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