Monday, 18 November 2013

Funnies for your New Week

Dear Family & Friends, Drizzle, mizzle and general moistness were the order of the day in Harwich. Soooo it gave me a chance to do some intensive research into the science of Giggleometry (new word).

1.  Thanks John for this, in the next few weeks we may have some of This!

2.  Thanks Geoff for this one, Historic photos of the fated Hindenburg

3.  You know how much I love the banjo? Here's yet another infant prodigy playing
 Foggy mountain breakdown

One way to get in!


So Twerk made it to the O.E.D

Ah! I think I get it - it's an antenna!

To "Like" on "Unlike"

Give up!

Ah! That's why I love my breakfast so much!


I do not know how that got in...

Do you think that they are plumbed in?

Oh sod it! I'll leave it here!

Joke Central

Thanks Chaps!

Harwich Weather for Tuesday

Following a bright and sunny morning, increasing cloud will bring the threat of wintry showers - a mixture of rain, sleet or hail. Feeling much colder in freshening North-Westerly winds. Maximum temperature 5 degrees Celsius.
Thanks Essex Weather Centre

Thanks for your support - please call again!



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