Saturday, 9 November 2013

Funnies on Saturday

Dear Family & Friends, Just for a change, I have decided that tonight we shall have a theme of Science. 
This will however, not be to terribly serious :-)

1.  This teacher needs to have his backside Kicked!

2.  The young lady intends to show how to blow up a balloon with CO2.....you will giggle because you just Know what's going to happen!

3.  Now let's play with some liquid     Nitrogenaaaaaaagggggghhhhh!  

This is what happens when you take an atom and split it!


I don't think he saw the dead 'uns!

This is surprising but true!

Save it!

Not aliens - these are all Earth eyes

Yup and if they go extinct - so will we...

Real Unicorns

This took me a minute....

What a beautiful place.....Yup it's us!

Niels Bohr was a Dane - nuff said!

Er - True!

I thought that the 3D printer was a bit of a silly toy, but............

Sorry no jokes tonight - so

This is a gas powered reactor!

Harwich Weather for Sunday 

Another cold day is expected with lengthy intervals of sunshine. Fair weather cloud increasing late morning and early afternoon turning the sunshine hazy at times. Light North-Westerly winds. Maximum temperature 9 degrees Celsius. Thanks Essex weather centre.

Thanks for your support!



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