Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Funnies on Tuesday

Dear Family & Friends, Today is "Selfie Day" - the word has made into the Oxford English Dictionary !!! So we dedicate the blog to it.
(There is some other stuff at the end)......

Reveal selfie

Baby selfie

Cats don't like selfies

Someone else's accident selfie

Chernobil (I'm now radioactive) selfie

My teacher having contractions selfie

Whoops! - Cleavage selfie

Gross selfie

How to fix it so you look good - selfie

Inappropriate positioning selfie

Photoshop selfie

Ever so slightly gay selfie

Old school selfie

Wonky boob selfie

This morning's weatherpersons selfie
Alex Deakin and Carol Kirkwood

Old Git and his Domestic Goddess selfie

Enough of that.....now -

Thanks Pauline

Thanks all!

Harwich Weather for Wednesday

Cloud soon increasing with outbreaks of rain arriving during the morning, clearing to sunshine and scattered sleet or hail showers by early-afternoon. Westerly winds strengthening for a time, before easing again towards evening. Fairly cold with a maximum temperature of 7 degrees Celsius.
Thanks Essex Weather Centre

Thanks for tolerating this endulgent blog!



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