Friday, 10 January 2014

Funnies for your Weekend

Dear Family and Friends, Today - was a wonderful day! Clear sky, no wind 10c unbelieveable for January!
Now for some Weekend fun!

1.  It's freezing, let's do something silly -
 Jump on the Trampoline!

2.  Japanese wedding - ace footballer Smashes the cake!

3.  Playing with nuts? Hmmm - It's an illusion!


I'm sure he's loving this!

Engrish at its' best

Moby who??

Crap chat up lines on the tube !

Find a caption competition

Unfortunate turn of phrase!

It's yours - but then there are copyright issues!

If you're interested in 4000 years of human history save this jpg 
the blog can't zoom it any bigger...

Joke Central

Geoff's Joke 

Derek's Joke 1

Derek's Joke 2

Deon's Joke
Thanks Chaps

Even more wisdom from the QI Elves

If you hand it out - you have to take it!

Harwich Weather for Saturday

Any overnight cloud will break during the first part of the morning to leave a fine and sunny day with light North-Westerly winds. Feeling cooler with afternoon highs of 8 degrees Celsius.
Rainfall Risk: 25 % | Rainfall Amount: 0-1 mm | Sunrise: 8.00 am
Thanks Essexweather.com!

Thanks for calling by!



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