Sunday, 30 March 2014

Sunday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, This is the last Funnies for a few days. We are taking a break. Look out for us in a week's time. Meanwhile I had a few bits and bobs on file just for you...


I find this deeply disturbing!

Nothing to say

Good neighbours

In Norway they have "Silly Walks" crossing signs!

A Russian child plays with bear
(I think the bear's dead!)

Yet another use for Ductape

Translation -
Girls in Winter have ants in their pants!

How's this for overkill packaging!

Let's play with - a Panther?


Harwich Weather for Monday

Dry and bright with spells of hazy sunshine to start the new week. South-Easterly breeze lighter than recent days and feeling pleasantly warm. Maximum temperature 16 degrees Celsius.
Rainfall Risk: 5 % | Rainfall Amount: 0 mm | Sunrise: 6.36 am
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There is just a chance of a Danish style Funnies
next week..



Saturday, 29 March 2014

Funnies on Saturday

Dear Family and Friends, Not so busy today, just one callout. Time then to scan cyberspace for a bit more pictorial fun - just for you!

Non Kosher - but good enough to play for England!


I tell them.....then I tell them - talk to yourself!

This says it all! Do we have faith in our Parliament?

Poor Sarah! - She does ask for it though!

Psychological fact!

Nothing to say here!

Ha Ha - Never!

I don't really think that you need those Sunshine!

It was inevitable that this would happen at some time...

Dr Dog says..........

I feel so good about this!

Bill's Joke
Thanks Bill!

As it's Mothering Sunday tomorrow - this is for Mums everywhere.......get out the tissues!

Harwich Weather for Sunday

Another dry and warm day with prolonged spells of sunshine once early mist and fog patches lift. Brisk Easterly breeze continuing. Maximum temperature 17 degrees Celsius.
Rainfall Risk: 5 % | Rainfall Amount: 0 mm | Sunrise: 6.38 am
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Friday, 28 March 2014

Weekend Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, We were busy people in Harwich today, plus it was Helen's Birthday. Now I have tried to bring to you a few more items of fun!

Wow! - never had this when I was a surveyor!


Can I scrub your back dear?

My kind of ad!

Now now girls - be nice!

Remember this? - You are B old then...

Could lead to a Llama Llama ding dong!

Hedgehogs are sweet cute little animals

The dreaded 404 error

Disgusted from Tunbridge Wells perhaps?

Cowboy's recipe for a happy life

Thanks Derek!


Joke Central

No wonder they have crashcams!
Thanks Klaus!

Meet tyhe Barkleys
Thanks Bill!

Harwich Weather for Saturday

The weekend will start dry and bright with lengthy spells of warm sunshine across the district. Feeling significantly warmer than recent days as winds turn South-Easterly. Maximum temperature 14 degrees Celsius.
Rainfall Risk: 5 % | Rainfall Amount: 0 mm | Sunrise: 5.40 am
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Have a Great Weekend!



Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Wednesday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, Soggy in Harwich today, heavy showers and cold. Not to be downhearted I ferretted around and succeeded in finding a few more bits and bobs just for you!


Now this is a bit awkward

The height of good taste

Having fun

Ah! So that's where he keeps his nuts!

Over zealous shelf stacker!

So bad it's good!

Nothing to say here..

Spot the difference - the bottom one is the Dutch PM

Thanks Gloria!

Photobomb 984

Joke Central

Thanks Chaps!

Another prodigy - Country style
Thanks Elna!

The Farmer gets deeper in the sh*t
Thanks Derek!

Harwich Weather for Thursday

Sunny spells to start but clouding over through the day with showers gradually becoming more widespread and occasionally heavy by afternoon with the odd rumble of thunder possible. Maximum temperature 9 degrees Celsius.
Rainfall Risk: 70 % | Rainfall Amount: 1-2 mm | Sunrise: 5.45 am
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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Tuesday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, It was a fairly busy day in Lil 'Ol Harwich today, I had a couple of call outs and one machine in. No time to get bored, but time enough to dig out some stuff - just for you!

The First Lady's Photobomb


New craze!

It would be - a shame!

Maybe Brucie's been shopping here!

Very Cool Idea!
Buuuuut maybe fake???


Good idea with final insult

This is insane!

Ill - Eagle!

Comfy snooze time

Joke Central

Thanks Chaps! 

Remember this?

Harwich Weather for Wednesday

Following a chilly start with patchy frost and fog, plenty of sunshine throughout the morning. Showers will begin to develop early afternoon, becoming increasingly heavy and widespread towards evening. Still rather cold in a fresh North-Easterly breeze. Maximum temperature 8 degrees Celsius.
Rainfall Risk: 35 % | Rainfall Amount: 0-1 mm | Sunrise: 5.47 am
Pollen and Spore Level: 2 (Low) | UV Level: 2 (Low) | Pollution Level: 2 (Low)
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