Thursday, 29 May 2014

Thursday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, More greyness today, but no rain...yet! Quiet day today for a pleasant change, giving me time to compose another masterpiece - just for you!

Some call them rats with wings......they are stupid too!


Car boot sale here we come!

Organic iPad rest

I would like to see this at Harwich Dock!

Cuddly Monster...

"I'm on the train" (looking an utter tit!)

Meet the Tankocycle

Meanwhile Lionel explores his feminine side!

So does this.....Naked Pirate!

I have been trying to find a witty comment for this....
Eye eye and that's your lot!

 Is it Victorinox?

Written breath test

Thanks Geoff!

Welcome back Dick it's been a while
Hope you're OK!

Lithuanian Joke
Teacher tells the tale of the three little pigs:
- One day, one went to the farmer and asked for straw. What do you think , children what the farmer said?
Petya puts his hand:
-       I know! He said, "Bugger me!  A Talking Pig!"

The Couch
Thanks Klaus!

Harwich Weather for Friday

A rather cloudy start, however brighter conditions will start to develop mid-morning allowing some sunshine for the afternoon and evening. Light winds and temperatures peaking at 17 degrees Celsius.
Rainfall Risk: 10 % | Rainfall Amount: 0-1 mm | Sunrise: 4.47 am
Pollen and Spore Level: 3 (Moderate) | UV Level: 5 (Moderate) | Pollution Level: 1 (Low)
Thanks to Essexweather.com ! 

Hooray! Thanks to all of you - we just passed 75,000 hits!



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