Sunday, 26 October 2014

Sunday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, It was a productive day in Old Harwich today. I at last cleared my "Zone of shame" ie the jungle down the blind side of the garage, followed by wiring up lights on our palm tree. Now having collapsed like a jelly in my computer chair, I will compose a new edition of the blog - just for you!

Did you know that Benedict Cumberbatch is unable to say "Penguins"?

Most probably a stunt, but  a magic moment when a commecial airliner meets the Virgin Galactic Spacecraft


Selfie of man in suit with jelly..............what?

There are some advantages to being short!

This is the absolute end......................help me out here chaps.........!

Legs with TAN............you have to know maths to get this

Oh dear this poor girl's suspenders have parted company with her stockings

This is perhaps the coolest guy on the entire planet!!!

I often wonder about people who have Chinese charcaters tattooed on them - 
This one allegedly says "Picnic Table!

Oh no! the Cousins are still looking for reds under the beds
I thought that went out in the 60s!

I always do this! It does take me time to get airborne!

This is a glorious one for the Punsters!

Only in Russia do they have very dishy policewomen.......but they do have guns
 and they bring their baby buggies!

I was totally unaware that they made male mannequins "Complete"!

Gloria's Joke

Thanks Gloria!

We've had extreme ironing.....now it's extreme wheelbarrowing!

More Wisdom from the QI Elves

Harwich Weather for Monday

Another breezy and generally dry day with some bright or sunny spells. Cloud amounts should be less than the weekend and it will feel pleasantly warm in any lengthy sunshine. Maximum temperature 18 degrees Celsius.
Precipitation Probability: 10 % | Precipitation Amount: 0 mm | Sunrise: 6.42 am
 Thanks Essexweather.com !

Thanks for your continuing support!



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