Saturday, 29 August 2015

Saturday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, It was a pottering sort of day today, warm sun gentle breeze, did some outside cleaning,also fiddling around with my media server, and now I will do my best to find some more mirth, especially for you!

This guy has an unique form of transportation!

I am not too keen on octopi, but this little chap is - well, cute!


Happens to me with my Kindle - often!

If you ask for a choclate mousse in Alaska, this is what you get!

Pointless but jolly!

An idea........would they take any notice????

Thanks Mags!

I try too!

Thanks Susi!

Seagull Photobombs the Red Arrows!

Thanks Mags again!

Destroyed their own argument - methinks!

Love this $ 79.00 to install a micro SD card!

Thanks Martin!

His Daughter made this!
Might come from Oz

Yet another First World problem!
Happens to us too! - I continue to forget most of the time though!

Thanks Arthur!

Thought this was amazing!

Thanks Geoff!

Shall we have a creepy barbi?

Harwich Weather for Sunday

Cloudy at first and it will feel rather humid. Sunny intervals will then develop by the afternoon with heavy, thundery showers likely to move in from the South later. Maximum temperature 21 degrees Celsius.
Chance of Rain: 40 % | Rainfall Amount: 1-4 mm
Pollen Level: 2 (Low) | UV Level: 3 (Moderate)
 Thanks Essexweather.com

Thanks for calling by!




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