Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Tuesday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, It was monsoon time today 20mm since midnight! I fiddled with my computers this morning, and we succeeded in rushing to the supermarket for basic stores. It eventually dried up around 1800. Now I am about to try and create something which I very much hope will make you giggle or even snigger!

I love making weird things, and I would strive to make something like this, if I had sufficient skill!

This is  a sheepdog with a difference!

Thanks Klaus!

Just spray this on they said, you don't need to rub it in they said!

This is genius - they call it a Barage!

Commensurate with the increasing size of waistlines perhaps

Off to Wonderland 21st Century style!

It says "At this temperature I wish that I was a fish!

Thanks Vivian!

Auf weidersehn Pet!
(Don't they look young now!)

Clever - ish!

Oh! Noooooooooooo! Tomorrow is the first day of Autumn!

Yup - lots of Bullsh*t!

Jailbreak Leech!

The bride wanted a Medieval themed wedding, here's how her Grandad turned up!

Can you imagine spending a large chunk of your hard earned cash on this pile?

It was a put down - but a truth!

This graffito was a philosopher!

Thanks Arthur!

All small boys would dream of doing this!

Thanks Klaus!!

Harwich Weather for Wednesday

Sunny spells during the day, although cloud will increase from the West. Through the evening outbreaks of light rain and drizzle will spread Eastwards. Maximum temperature 18 degrees Celsius.
Chance of Rain: 10 % | Rainfall Amount: 0 mm
Pollen Level: 1 (Low) | UV Level: 4 (Moderate)
Tanks Essexweather.com

Thanks for calling by!



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