Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Midweek Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, I can now add Tree Surgeon to my CV! Spent most of today heavily pruning a Magnolia belonging to our elderly neighbour. I am now wandering round like a penguin, and my hands are shaking so much I almost spilled my wine!! Now it is time for the serious business of the evening - attempting to produce something amusing - just for you!

This could be me - but even I couldn't cause such mayhem!

Thanks Reg!

Football Fun!

Thanks Klaus!


Profound advice!

He was hoping for a baked potato from the barbecue -
Instead he got a molten meteorite!!!

Oh! Poor Martin - done pretty well since though eh?

Sound advice from the management!

It's called Cosplay - this lady is doing it rather well!

Did you know that inside they're all like this - weedy isn't it!

Very frosty dawn - somewhere in the US

Poor Kaden - I can't say it without giggling either!

He could need therapy...

Is this plate real or fake? - belongs to a lady of a certain age I guess!

Strangely, the movie on this aircraft froze as the pilot made
this announcement!

Go Tibbles - still 8 more left!

Stone Scissors Paper.....

Thanks Mags!

This is rubbish - statistically 60% of Swedish people are not Blond!!!

Another rip in the Space Time continuum!

When in Rome...

I wonder how many responses he received!

Yoda doesn't drink tea apparently

Thanks Susi!

At the moment in Dublin pubs if you ask for a half - this is what you get!

There was a famous American entrepreneur who started off selling Bras - he classified them as - Ping Pong, Ding Dong and Holy Cow!!!

Another Truth!

Not much to say here!

Thanks Chaps!

Breaking news - There's a Twister passing London!

Thanks again Susi!

Nice - a homeless man walks up to a public piano and starts to play......

Harwich Weather for Thursday

Rain pushing Southwards across the district, turning to sleet and wet snow before clearing. North-Westerly winds 16mph, gusting 28mph Wintry Showers  

                                           Chance of rain 90 % Possible rainfall 3mm

Thanks for calling by!




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