Thursday, 14 January 2016

Thursday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, It is getting colder here in Harwich, that together with wind and rain, made it a "Stay indoors" sort of day, although early on I was able to walk in sunshine, but it didn't last. Now having done the washing up, I am free to have another go at creating just a little bit of mirth!

Sock it to 'em Grandma!

There's weird, very weird - and German weird!

Thanks Klaus!


The Ikea syndrome
(You feel better abut it because you "Made it") !!!

Thanks Robert!

Before you go crosseyed - I will tell - it isn't a mirror  :-)


A mounted policeman rides past a burned out building
in frozen Omaha Nebraska

I remember when I would have been proud to own this 2GB hard drive
Now look at this 64GB micro SD card of today

The Redneck's new top - which appears to be a pair of underpants!

He must come from a very rough area!

I think many of us have experienced this especially when they're curry flavour!

There - will - be - trouble - a - head !

The proverbial quart in the pint pot!

Thanks Susi!

Pixie with a sense of humour!

The clever people in Dubai designed these public ashcans
it took me a minute to understand the design on the top!

Lastly, Boys - Sorry not a Mancave tonight
Just some Russian Ladies who want to be noticed.......
BTW - I don't think much of your's!!!

Meanwhile at the beach - with no manbag!

Thanks Derek!

Harwich Weather for Friday

A cold frosty start, then a mostly sunny day with a scattering of wintry showers from midday. North Westerly winds 17mph, gusting 28mph Wintry Showers Min 0c   |   Max 5°c Chance of rain 40% Possible rainfall 1mm.

Thanks for your continued support!



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