Saturday, 27 February 2016

Saturday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, We have a visitor for the weekend, No.1 Son, so had a busy time, out to lunch etc. Now while letting dinner settle down, I am seeking yet more pictorial fodder for the blog. Hope you enjoy them!

Mini wonders!

Who needs enemies with friends like this!

Thanks Klaus!

Richard Branson says being English - when he sees the sign he always thinks this!

They used to think that he was completely useless, now they've
found a use for him!

This clever young lady is deaf in one ear, she had this done to politely
 signal that people should talk to her on the other side

The exam invigilator noticed this boy was looking at his watch a bit too often!

Oh! Pooh!

The day that Mum tried a slam dunk!

Ladies in Iran going to the elections this Thursday

The cousins can't spell - it's Hawaian actially

This strap cut a perfect circle in the dirt during a storm

True, too many useless degrees when trades are crying out for qualified tradesmen!

Amazing wall art!

Be discreet!

Whatever creature this is - keep it away from the Missus!

When he arrived home after a job at the farm, he opened his pickup and.......

Arthur's Joke
Thanks Arthur!

Awe inspiring Chinese bridge building machine


Thanks Gloria!

Harwich Weather for Sunday

A dry end to the weekend with further sunshine. Feeling cold. North Easterly winds 17mph, gusting 28mph  Max 7c  Min 3c  Chance of rain 10%

Thanks for calling by!



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