Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Wednesday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, I had a little challenge today, the ethernet connection between my iMac and my TV needed replacing. It was old and flakey, and it wasn't Gigabit. Small snag, it runs out through the wall down the side of the house and back in by the TV, so there was much tugging of messenger lines and a few bad words, but in the end - it works! Now for Funnies!

Not sure of the context, but a helicopter arrives on the deck of a US aircraft carrier, dumps some greased pigs and hightails out.....

Only an ad, but tee hee!

Thanks Klaus!


Just a woman falling off a chair in Vegas!

Great Idea, but a loosing battle I fear!

Love this - an absolute classic!!!

Revenge a meal best served cold!

Their Engagement photo was rather bland - so he adjusted it!

Nothing more need be said!

Cousins! - Love your Slogans!

De Rigeur in Walmart, Jeans surmounted by denim shorts!

She thought he was working out, but boys will be boys!

Mondays! Pah!

The compensation culture!

Whoops number 932

Starry Night Hair...........nice.............why!

Dubai Poo trucks - amazing...

Thanks Derek!

We didn't have a Mancave recently, so - sorry ladies......

From Mother Russia, more curvy selfies

Anastasia is reputed to be the World's best Pole dancer - you be the judge.....

Harwich Weather for Thursday

Largely cloudy skies. Temperatures above the early February average. North Westerly winds 15mph, gusting 28mph Max 12c  Min 3c  Chance of rain 15% Thanks Essexweather.com

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