Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Wednesday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, It was another bright day in Harwich, but with a cold wind, I was busy helping oldies with their computer problems. Now I have collapsed into the chair in front of a blank screen.........come on lad create something!

They seem so well behaved - until the end when you see what they are waiting for!

Thanks Klaus!

How they get rid of old cranes at Felixstowe...

Thanks Pete!


It had to happen!

Thanks Bill!

Meanwhile at Walmart Grandpa brings his playmate shopping!

Bound to happen!

 Thanks again Bill!

I have my wife's permission to post this!

Thanks yet again Bill!

While he's "Out there" in a game his girlfriend decorated is back!

That's Capital!

Thanks Derek!

I am never going fishing again!

Word Games

Clever Students!

I too am such a rebel!

Changing times!

Four different races of Ladybird get together......I wonder what they are plotting!

His wife has OCD - one day he noticed her tablets.......!

Oh! Lordy - I really hope that this is Photoshopped
however I think sadly it may not be!!!
Yet another use for Duct tape!

Boom Boom!

Now a brace of good old fashioned gifs..

He can't quite get the idea!

Andy from Parks and Rec - makes a blooper!

Harwich Weather for Thursday

Overnight rain, sleet and snow will clear allowing sunshine to develop. North-Westerly winds 13mph, gusting 22mph  Min 3c  Max  5c  Chance of rain 99% Amount 5mm
Thanks Essexweather.com

Thanks for your continuing support!



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