Friday, 5 February 2016

Weekend Funnies for you

Dear Family and Friends, It was grey and wet here today, I had one early call out, then I scuttled indoors to the warm and dry. Fiddled with some movies and watched one PM, now fishing around for some more pictorial fun just for you!

Wait - for - it........

Thanks Susi!

They've slung her wrong....she's going to.......

Thanks Geoff!


Am I right in assuming this is a Vet?

Clever use of positive and negative!

Stone age blues!

Maybe Tibbles farted!

I know they joke about dog's breath - but dragon breath?

Do that once more Gator and I will be really mad!

Way Hey! - Gravity is defied!

Man - he's so tough he farts sparks!

The cookie is mine!

Mmmm - Lunch!

I think they got the rhythm wrong...

Wise words of the day!

Thanks Derek!

Another truth from one of my heroes!

Thanks Elna!

Sudden realisation!

Thanks Geoff!

Just a half!

 Thanks again Geoff!


It says "No matter who you love, you can find the gift from us "

Refining the workforce!

Oh! No! Dad joke coming up!

Want to know why they always show the Bald Eagle in profile?

Thanks Chaps!

Football Tango

Thanks Klaus!

Harwich Weather for Saturday

Rain will spread Eastwards during the morning. Very windy. Southerly winds 21mph, gusting 44mph  Min10c  Max  13c  Chance of rain 95%  rainfall 2mm
Thanks Essexweather.com

Thanks for your continuing support!



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