Monday, 7 March 2016

Dear Family and Friends, Had a good walk by the sea this morning, sunny but icy wind. The remainder of the day was battle royal with bad tempered computers. Now it is time once again to open the archives of humour to find for you, some new stuff!

Commando assault course meets Olympics!

Thanks Derek!

The Electronic picture frame prank

Thanks Klaus!

Yup strange he is!

Well done James!

I think I know why!

He's Just had teeth pulled, and he looks as if he's been on a drugs trip!

There's marketing for you!
Banana brake calipers!

Hmmm! - All of these things!

Car for sailors

Thanks Geoff!

This hotel suddenly realises - it had a Furry Party on the premises!

Lizard imprisoned in Amber for 90,000,000 years

Nancy Reagan died yesterday aged 94.
Here she is clowning with Mr T

Literally speaking!

Frightened little crab

The Computer Age

Hmmm! Could they really arrange themselves like that???

No Officer I was not driving it!

Trump told them to raise their right hands if they would vote for him.....
Shades of Kristalnacht!

Just like children in a ball room!

Thanks Susi!

If Trump gets in - Canada will.........

Thanks again Susi!

Harwich Weather for Tuesday

Another frosty start, followed by a dry day with plenty of early Spring sunshine. Heavy rain arriving overnight into Wednesday. South Westerly winds 12mph, gusting 23mph  Min -2c  Max 7c Chance of rain 10%  Thanks Essexweather.com

Thanks for your continuing support!



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