Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Midweek Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, Apart from a few spits and spots, it was a nice day today. I spent most of the day fighting a virused up computer, with a little interlude visiting the Health Centre. What a life! Now I am ferreting around the nether regions for more material which I hope will lighten your day!

This from Israel, it is called Circles - I thought it was rather clever!

Girls falling over - how good is that?

Thanks Klaus!

He's split from Mary - soooo!

Philosophical Label

This worker is having a bad day!

Relax and smell the flowers!

Thanks Gloria!

This calculus Lecturer is just a tad too pedantic!

Sometimes Jeans and a T shirt just don't cut it!
(Ade Edmondson)

Look at the date - he was way ahead!

I saw these and I was Hungry Like a Wolf !

In the street she looks petite, in the gym - she's a Power Lifter!

Now for a lesson Girls and Boys......
especially our Cousins.....!

Ball for slicers !

OK - if you say so!

Should have taken a cab home last night alcoholic git!

I assume he or she's a vet?

Notice they are duplicitous even at this age!

Gentle vandalism of the yoyo kind!

If you are scared of heights look away now!
(I'm told this is not vertigo!)

Watch closely - need the loo yet?

Thanks Klaus!

Wow! Watch that old boy go!

Dog scooter racing - what's not to like!

Harwich Weather for Thursday!

Early fog clearing to leave a generally dry and sunny day. Showers are likely during the evening, merging into a spell of heavier rain overnight into Friday. Southerly winds 7mph, gusting 15mph  Min 7c  Max 15c Chance of rain 60%
Thanks Essexweather.com

Thanks for calling by!



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