Monday, 11 April 2016

Monday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, Day out to the mall today - I was ordered to buy a new suit - the old one had shrunk in the wardrobe! Mission was a success, with a hole in my bank balance - but hey! Now it is time once again for me to try very hard to entertain, with more new fun material - just for you!

Helium Beer

Thanks Derek!

Autonomous cars are here (almost) here one avoids a crash

Continental people please note... We win the argument!!!

They couldn't find the cat at bedtime, at last they found him on top
of the kitchen cabinet asleep in the wok!

She's doing it right!

You always get the truth from kids!

Removal men - weep, they can DIY!

Brilliant carving of a frog in agate

Flashing brought up to date!

Thanks Derek!

Pleonasms on Pleonasms...


This young man smiles as he photographs the Golden Gate bridge for the first time,
he won't notice his mistake until he gets home...

The debate rages on the other side of the pond too!

Many maps are like this, we can't talk, our maps used to be 50% pink!

Ref the breast feeding pic above - in Germany they don't care about it...

 Thanks Klaus!

No translation needed!

 Thanks again Klaus!

That's his story!

This is a mirror cake - yum yum!

Oh! Dad!

Like most male mammals!

Derek's Jokes
Thanks Derek!

It's a bit long, but super pictures of our wonderful home!

Thanks Bill!

Harwich Weather for Tuesday

Sunshine and showers, locally heavy and thundery from late morning. Southerly winds 9mph, gusting 16mph  Min 7c  Max 14c chance of rain 70%
Thanks Essexweather.com

Thanks to you we just passed 183,000 hits!



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