Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Wednesday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, How is your week going? Well I hope. Busy people in our house today, now it is once again time for me to set up some fun stuff for your amusement. I hope it works for you!

This busker is very surprised when a guy joins in- it was Seal!

I wish that I could think of a (Clean) description!

What on earth is this Aussie umpire doing - answers on a postcard please!

OK Ha Ha! rotate 90 degrees to the right!

Dimwit takes the order!

Clever way to show what it originally looked like

Where's Health and Safety?

How about a Chippendale pickup truck!

One hopes that this is a kiddies playground!

Clever way to recognise your luggage!

From now on real octopi will not seem so creepy!

Yeah! Right!

In a few years we.........who can tell!

I do not know the guy in the middle - sadly we all know the other two!

This Swiss chalet would have a superb view were it not for the clouds!

Cousins - an inadvertent euphemism!


This dryer has a history!

Derek's Joke
Thanks Derek!

Now a couple of gifs

That look!

A bit third world, but very effective!

Harwich Weather for Thursday

Dry with sunny intervals and less breezy than recent days. South Westerly winds 14mph, gusting 26mph  Min 14c  Max 20c  chance of rain 5%  Thanks Essexweather.com

We now have a weather cam on the above site

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Monday, 27 June 2016

Monday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, Busy doing nothing today, returned to Frinton to collect a jewel that Goddess had purchased last week but the shop didn't know the price....supermarket shopping, then home to fix a laptop, now scratching my head for more funny material......it will come - eventually!

Things the Dutch Like - this is how they do it!

Thanks Robert!

One of the very first Youtube clips was this lady, now she's back

with "Stupid Human" again...

I couldn't remember which one it was so I retrieved them all!

My old Dad always told me - referring to matters nautical -
"Be on one or the other never on both!"

Cool Biker Cat!

Not what it seems "Hard Guy's Grill!"

There were once two Trannies and Two Nuns........!

Oh! Glastonbury's on again!

Not what it seems! - Clever street art!

Getting one's message across!

From sublime - to Cor Blimey!

Ahhh! - Hang on is that Jack Straw?

We've all seen this little bastard before!

Yup - We've got loads of someness!

His Dad said "I will make a wooden computer" - he did and it's somewhat cool!

At the London Gay Pride Pageant in London - one Gay cop proposes to another Gay cop

A few Gaelic phrases in honour of their American guest...

Pollution Boom has been given a trendy name!

Parking Turd - gets supermarket revenge! Great!

I am English - but even I was taught how to spell Miss-iss-ippi !

Stuntman available for Bar Mitzvahs - if he survives!

I guess that this creature is a Gerbil - but I'm not sure.......Awwww!

Harwich Weather for Tuesday

After a dry start, cloud increasing with spells of rain arriving during the afternoon and into the evening. South Westerly winds 13mph, gusting 28mph  Min 11c  Max 17c  chance of rain 75%  Thanks Essexweather.com

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Sunday, 26 June 2016

Sunday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, It was a "Getting better" sort of day today, rain am - sun pm, so our spirits were slowly elevated. I spent a frustrating day trying to make a webcam work. I failed and am sending it back and will try a better one. meanwhile I have assembled a few more funny bits and bobs which I hope will amuse...

A cautionary tale

When he moved in with his girlfriend, her room mate gave him a cake!

Meet the Zorse - nuff said!

As has been said before - USA - too many guns!

Russian Egg vending machine

Meet Mr very very cool!

Security checks a guy with - a huge fish?

Is this the invasion of the clones?

She looks nice - but......WTF?
(Too many guns Murica!)

Love the Cousin's Slogans!

Meanwhile at Turnbury - Trump's welcoming committee!

Mother 43 and her daughter - guess which is which....

The Cousins are seeing the funny side of Brexit!

Wild fires near Lake Isobella California yesterday!

Tibbles is really a small tiger in your house!

Many Mexican men have the name Jesus

Melon carving on steroids - meet Night King

At first I thought "Idiots" - then I thought maybe it's an improvised hairdryer!

Practical use for a Toni

The truth will out!

Today's truth

Hippo loves the Dental hygienist!

There's always one!

Harwich Weather for Monday

Sorry no picture today
but see my weather station below

Any light rain or drizzle soon clearing and becoming dry with some good sunny intervals, but cloud tending to build up at times by the afternoon. Maximum temperature 20 deg C.

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