Monday, 6 June 2016

Monday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, Wow can't believe it - 3 nice days on the trot, - it can't last! Now more fun has been dug from the "funnymine" for your delectation and enjoyment!

Out in the countryside, they have a neat key card system!

Biker dog

Nice but where do the patients go?

Stony fun at the beach

Ostrich girl - or girl ostrich!

Not sure about this one.....

Clever, bicycle made for 3!

In Russia the dogs like fresh air!

Behind you!

Yup! That's a challenge!

The ultimate in one-upmanship - Death Star Barbie!

Him 6ft 10, her 4ft 11........could be awkward!

Oh! Netgear - Really?

This was neat, one twin was unable to attend the college photo shoot
so the enterprising other sister, nipped out tied her hair, put on specs - and bingo!

Soon it will be Father's day.........Please NO!

31 years ago flight 980 crashed in the Andes with no survivors
These guys set out to find the Black box - and succeeded!

They have new neighbours - they have dogs!

He has algae in his yard and you can see oxygen being produced!

Yes the floppy!

Douwe this is for you...Never mess with the digger man!!!  :-)

A few more good old animated gifs

We are sailing......we are sailing!


This Russian doctor is having a very bad day!!!

Harwich Weather for Tuesday

Sunshine and scattered thunderstorms. Easterly winds 8mph, gusting 15mph Min 11c  Max 20c Chance of rain 25%  Thanks Essexweather.com

Thanks for calling by!



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