Thursday, 23 June 2016

Thursday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, Today is a Referendum in UK, I think all of us will be relieved that by tomorrow it will be over! I have promised myself I will not sit up all night watching it on TV, but Hmm maybe I will!
Now for more fun stuff to relieve the tension.....

I may be like this in the morning!

Thanks Klaus!

Meet the charioteer!

Thanks again Klaus!

The Toilet people will show you the right way!

This is Karma!

90% of them are cabbages! (as I have said often!)

Yesterday in Death Valley and that's 58.3c folks!

Cat people.........nothing to say here

We were given the key card for room 213.......and.......

I am sure there are few males who haven't had that thought pass through their minds
at some time,,,

It's Illegal it's immoral or..........

He tried to catch a groundhog, but got the neighbour's dog instead!

Cuddly Photobomber!

Heinz - do you think those translations were at all necessary?

This is wrong, first it isn't a Unicorn, and second it isn't sh*tting rainbows!

Thanks Derek!

If it was me I would crawl off!

Thanks yet again Klaus!

Harwich Weather for Friday

Cooler with a mixture of sunshine and showers, these less heavy and widespread than Thursday. South Westerly winds 12mph, gusting 23mph  Min 15c  Max 21c  chance of rain 30%  Thanks Essexweather.com

PS I now have a new weather station, you can visit here.....

Thanks for calling by!



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