Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Midweek Funnies

Dear Family and Friends,  We were busy today, Hospital visit for our 91 year old neighbour, then shopping for groceries. Now having fixed all the craziness on my computer including corrupted email password, we're back in business to send more crazy stuff especially for you!

Anything is believeable in TV land!

With the Battle of the Somme very much in mind, did you ever wonder what it's like to be on the recieving end of an artillery barrage? Now you can courtesy of the Finnish Army

Eight headed selfie - I think at Wimbledon

It may have escaped your notice but it was Independence day in Monday
- Loads of stuff on the Internet!
Old Glory Pie!

This is nice - Muslim American girl - and Patriot!

Trust them! - PuchiPuchi!

American Skittles Union Flag - they even got the narrow stripe right!

Now as you know I don't like Tatts, but this one is a real work of art!!!

Cruel - but funny!

Is this genuine?

 Thanks Derek!

Today's Philosophical Truth!

 Thanks Again Derek!

Yup Idiot!

 Thanks yet again Derek!

Jump for joy!

Thanks Klaus!

It says "Fill your water pistol with sausage liquor - we're going hunting Vegans!

 Thanks again Klaus!

I love the Cousin's slogans, but this.......Hmmm!

More 4th July stuff - this a Phoenix shaped Bonfire!

Another Dad joke!

Good crop tonight - thanks chaps!

More Gifs - thanks to Klaus for these!

Touch screen Ooooh!


Sewer diving - new sport?

Harwich Weather for Thursday

Warm and sunny for much of the day. South Westerly winds 12mph, gusting 21mph
Min  13c  Max 21c chance of rain 5% Thanks Essexweather.com

Thanks for your continued support!



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