Thursday, 7 July 2016

Thursday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, How is your week going? Well I hope, not long until the weekend now! Just a few more dribs and drabs from the electronic underground,. which I hope you will enjoy!

The power of nature can be awe inspiring

Is this ingenuity or a waste of time?

Sad or what - his " Girlfriend" is a very expensive doll!

Tee Hee Windows 10!

Where have I seen him before?

Another way of infuriating your chums with a drone!

That will teach you not to be eating pasta while driving!

I'll bet that she won't let him do that when he's 10 years older!

Amazing pavement art on steps!

Hurry up!

Only in Ireland, a speed camera van is stopped by the Garda - for speeding!

The Photoshop man strikes again -
serves her right for not being able to spell Eiffel!

Credit for prolonged use of T shirt!

I think we all know who they are!

Oh! You great big sissy!

Philosophical truth for today!

John's Jokes
Thanks John!

Both of these are somewhat scary
 for different reasons!

Harwich Weather for Friday

Rather cloudy with showery rain at first. Becoming drier into the afternoon, but remaining rather cloudy. Maximum temperature 23 deg C.  Thanks Essexweather.com

 Sorry no picture so here's my weather instead

Thanks for calling by!



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