Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Wednesday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, I bought the boat, so there will be much work to do in the next few weeks. Now more funny stuff .....

A few more bloopers


Thanks Robert (Happy Birthday BTW!)_

Er why pay good money for that! - Use a tin opener!

Absolutely no comment required!

Read the last comment -The end!

Naughty Selfie but Mama is watching you!!!!

I would smack him with that bouquet!

Nice piece of meat, but hang on - what on earth is THAT!

The Label makers will have their little bit of fun!

Oh! Lordy!

Nah! - Carrot!

Love the Cousin's Slogans!

The Underground rule is dogs in a container.......so......!

In Mexico they bake bread with no crust!

Arrogant little Turd!

What has been seen cannot be unseen -
The Map of Vermont looks like a guy piddling into a litter bin!

Two Police officers were married, here's what was on offer at the reception!

A very rare picture of Great Britain leaving the EU after Brexit!

Clever advert!

Diplomacy at its' best!

No! His name is Dave and he eats bedmites!!!

We're nearer the end than the beginning!

40th Birthday cake!

Miserable sod!

Capt Obvious is on form!

Harwich Weather for Thursday

Sorry no picture tonight

Rather cloudy with outbreaks of rain spreading Westwards across the district during the afternoon. Some heavy, thundery downpours possible in places although with some sunny intervals likely too. Maximum temperature 22 deg C.
Thanks Essexweather.com

Harwich Now

Thanks for your continuing support!



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