Friday, 15 July 2016

Your Weekend Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, We had a pleasant day, after a call to hospital in Colchester (Just routine), then on to the excellent Perrywood garden centre, last a visit to my business partner to fix his computer, and now home to prepare for another fun extravaganza!

Meet Ragweed, he is going to have a bath...

This is an early Youtube Funny - it stands the test of time!

Is that Eric Pickles?

Too many guns in America!
Sheesh! That's his office key!!!

We've all had this feeling!

Meet Cropper - Awww!

Bernie heaves a hearty sigh of relief!

Bill Murray in his George Clooney Tshirt, watching fireworks with George Clooney!

It's Quiche dearie!

 Thanks Geoff H !

At Home Depot someone built Stonehenge!

Meanwhile at Walmart.......what on earth is going on here???


Norwegian weather man's sweater!

For our Russian Friends!
(Not a Babushka - a Matrioshka!)
Thanks Robert!

Mummy's little girl - no boyfriend yet!

She's pure gold!

Yeah! Right!

This is an advert for a bar!!!
Your mind!

Honk - not text!

Hip Hefelump!

So cruel - yet so funny........

Harwich Weather for Saturday

Sorry - no pic!

A warm, but rather cloudy day is expected. However, a few brighter intervals may trigger the odd sharp shower late in the day. Maximum temperature 23 deg C.

Old Git's Local Weather Station

Thanks for calling by!



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