Monday, 8 August 2016

Monday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, A new week begins, we hope that yours will be an enjoyable one. Here are more bits and bobs from the Internet drains...

Meet the crazy German with his Coke bottle Gatling gun!

How many times must I lick this thing to get high?

I dare you to say it was me!

A Banker with a sense of humour!

The Photoshop man strikes again!

Their dining table is a giant whiteboard!

Tee ~Hee!

I think that this is a small stroke of genius - give that man a cigar!

Oh! to be able to do this to media people at the Olympics!

It was hot in Phoenix yesterday - it melted his phone holder!

Perhaps the job for the laziest person!

Thanks Derek!

Harwich Weather for Tuesday

Maybe the odd shower late afternoon and early evening, otherwise another dry and pleasantly warm day with strong summer sunshine. North Westerly winds 10mph, gusting 18mph  Min11c  Max 21c  chance of rain 20%

Harwich Weather Now

As ever, thanks for your support!



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