Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Wednesday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, Another sultry day today, found it hard to do anything! Now it's cooling down, so I will do my best to bring you more pictorial fun!

Nice, but where are the other six?

How cute is this?

His wife created new art with Babybel wax!

Not much to say except "Cupcakes" perhaps...

Is this the human hamster or is it a tricky angle shot?

Nothing to say......!

Anyone know the collective pronoun for a wheelbarrow full of orangs?

Necessity is the mother of invention - meet the "Africar"

Oh! Murica!!!

This is real and I think it lies somewhere in Holland

Better than a pat on the head!

Hang on lad - the victory roll comes next!

I don't get this one at all!

Father's day gift in Oz!

Is there any other kind???

After his first night at his girlfriend's flat when he went to the bathroom
and saw this he legged it!

Spontaneous act of kindness!

At least the one on the right is totally honest!

The stork delivers the best photobomb ever!

Thanks Chaps!

I believe that this dress is referred to as "Atomic" i.e. Loads of Fallout!!!

Harwich Weather for Thursday

Cloud increasing during the morning with a little light rain possible. This will clear by the afternoon to allow some warm, sunny intervals to develop. Maximum temperature 25 deg C. Thanks Essexweather.com

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