Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Dear Family and Friends, Another day another dollar, we shopped today to get stores after the hols. Now back home, cold East wind blowing, but it's OK in here so I will get on and bash out a few more funny things.....just for you!

Billed as the best Monty Python ever - I have to say that I find it mildly irritating - what do you think?

The teacher is being very pedantic - Ha Ha!

Naughty Doggie!

Cruel - but still funny!

Contradiction of terms!

I wonder if they noticed that these magnets extend beyond the end of the rack?

Definition of Marriage

Thanks Robert!

Laying it on the line!

After about half an hour's heated debate - they found it!

Woman's and Man's poems

Friends moved recently - their cat is completely freaked out!

Tonight's Philosophical thought...

Last but not least - to lull you to sleep - meet the perpetual pizza!

Harwich Weather for Wednesday

Easterly winds 20mph, gusting 30mph  Min 10c  Max 16c  Chance of rain 5%
Thanks Essexweather.com

Harwich Weather Now

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