Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Midweek Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, We had sunshine for most of the day, but it was followed by heavy showers late PM. Now in the warm and busting out to share the most recent Funny Stuff to hit the Internet!

That which has been seen cannot be unseen!

This is a Stick up - OoH! Er!

Thanks Klaus!

Dangerous waters!

Someone's taking things far too literally!


Good for staying clean in the movies!

Sinister cubes!

Tonight's special truth!

Iceland is still my number one bucket list candidate!

Nothing changes!

Useful comparison tool!

No translation necessary!

 Thanks again Klaus!

Could apply to yours truly!

I think you need to be a Brit to get this!

 Thanks Robert!

And then we'll take it higher.......

A likely tale!

Oldie but goodie!

Harwich Weather for Thursday

Another dry and sunny day is expected. Feeling cool in the breeze. Northerly winds 14mph, gusting 21mph  Min 9c  Max 15c  Chjance of rain 15%
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