Saturday, 29 October 2016

Saturday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, This may be the last blog for a bit, may not be time for one tomorrow, if not see you next weekend. Hope you enjoy my efforts!

Photobombed by a rat!

Nothing like a good giggle!

Drips from his glue gun made a pretty tower!


Oh! So true!

Russian wedding stretch Lada

Nothing to say.......

Smashed Squirrel

This is a Hoopoe, I have seen them in Israel,
they are rare visitors to Britain

At last they've found a new candidate!

Dad doing a Dad thing at Disneyland!

This is Robert Ladlow, who at 8 years old was 6ft tall,
he went on to be the world's tallest man (8ft 11in)

Science Lab in a science lab!

The little perishers keep coming back!

Remember this lot?

Harwich Weather for Sunday

A grey start with extensive mist and low-cloud. Becoming brighter with a few sunny intervals by the early afternoon. South Easterly winds 7mph, gusting 12mph Min 11c  Max 16c  Chance of rain 15%  Thanks Essexweather.com

Harwich Weather Now

Thanks for calling by!



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