Sunday, 27 November 2016

Sunday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, Today is the first day of Advent, and as I am a complete nut for crazy American Christmas lights, I would like to celebrate with a clip of one of the best, from North Carolina. Oh! And there are some funny pictures too!

Meet Kim Corgdashian!

Light a candle for 1st Advent

On Friday's Graham Norton show - the great Tom Hanks!

My new lawnmower - it's rather slow, but gets the job done!

Paper beats rock!

An awkwardness has occurred!

I see an irony here!

Yes and tomorrow it will rain!

Aww - poor Piggy!

She bet her boyfriend that she could shave his foot without waking
him, here's what he found in the morning!

Just a puff of wind turned these into something rather sleazy!

They gave her this a year ago before she could read,
now it's near to the departure time, she has just realiused what it says!

It says the Post is here in discreet plain packaging!

Thanks Klaus!

How he out-bastarded a superbastard!
Try and get into that!

He visited Istambul to see their famous cat statue

Frog with 2 snails looks like Princess Leia!

Seen in Berlin a train congratulating Mr Trump!


Meet Professor Splash!

Harwich Weather for Monday

Mainly fine and frosty to start. Sunny intervals throughout the day, although it will remain rather cold, especially if exposed to the developing South-Easterly breeze. Maximum temperature 9 deg C.
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