Sunday, 11 December 2016

Sunday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, Today is the third of Advent, so of course I must have some mad Christmas lights. Meanwhile here are your Funnies


Frozen....it isn't here yet!

Another Christmas theme..

Thanks Klaus!

Oh! Yes! Irony indeed!


For a change here's one for the Ladies!

Redneck cattle truck!

Now you know that this is wrong, children now are not allowed on Santa's lap!

They can make your ears bleed!

Don't text!

Nothing to say here...

The IT man called to reconnect their Broadband, - he's been asleep for an hour already!

A clever way to complain - with a cartoon!

He lit the match and when it went out he'd made a microphone!

Coping with snow in Vancouver recently - they don't get much

It is wise when buying online to check the size of your purchase!

Strange to hear!

I find this totally terrifying!

Harwich Weather for Monday

Mist or fog will slowly clear through the morning. It will become cloudy by the afternoon with occasional outbreaks of rain spreading from the West. Maximum temperature 9 deg C.
Thanks Essexweather.com

 Harwich Weather Now

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