Friday, 20 January 2017

Friday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, Visited Frinton today to stock up on seeds and the like. Ice cold over there. Still dog sitting, dog behaving well. Now more fun for you!

Still loving the Cousins' slogans!

Some fishing Whoopses!

Thanks Klaus!

Strangely he's got another pair like this at home!

Darling I'm in bed!

Hi I've come to see you!

Why not?

Thanks Mo

Aussie oldie but goodee!

Use the subtitles!

This letter from Jimmy Carter on board Voyager, has now
 left the Solar System and is in Interstellar space

Recent snow in Tunisia!

Kudos to our postman, yes he got the spade through the letter box!

Yes he wears it well!

President Trump please note!

Mantis - Yay!

Here I see irony!

Carat Cake! - Clever!

Arthur's Joke
Thanks Arthur!
(Arthur recently was 100 years old, 
he continues the send us jokes and pictures!)

Breakfast is served!

She is having "One of those days" !

Thanks for both Klaus!

Harwich Weather for Saturday

A chance of some brightness at times, but otherwise largely cloudy. South Easterly winds 12mph, gusting 16mph  Min -1c  Max 6c  Chance of rain 15%
Thanks Essexweather.com

Harwich Weather Now

Thanks as ever for calling by!



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