Thursday, 5 January 2017

Thursday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, It was a really good day today, cold but bright sun. Spent some time in the garden, weeding and taking down the last Christmas lights. Now I will try and concentrate long enough to create another tome of funniness (is that a word?)

Looks a bit silly, but I bet it's great fun to drive!

From Israel I give you the Cormorant or Air Mule
(Looks like science fiction!)

If you buy online - check the dimensions!

Yup, guard dogs with knives...

Doing spoons - two mushrooms going at it!

Being one who has OCD - that middle tile
is driving me nuts!!!

Look at me I'm a flower!

Good Boy!

Marks and Sparks have cut the return deadline to 30 days..

Here here - that goes for me too!

Seriously - Diet table!

 Thanks Klaus!

The new Whiska with Beans
they lift you up!

 Thanks again Klaus!

It's yer Switzerland innit?

Yes a Guarantee!

Homie practicing what he preaches!

Too many guns in Merica, but that is quite amusing!

Meet Zebra dog.....No actually he's standing next to a venetian blind!

His Prom date stares up adoringly!!!

That's just a bit creepy!

Paul's Joke
Thanks Paul!

Are you cross eyed yet?

Tally ho!

Harwich Weather for Friday

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