Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Midweek Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, It was a Community Service sort of day today. 91 year old to hospital for Opthalmologist, then shopping for 90 year old. We hope that when we get old our neigh bours will do the same??? Now I will do my best to amuse in the usual way!

(I promise no Trumpery tonight 
in this the 1457th edition!)

Parenting can sometimes be just too much!

Thanks Gloria!

Dulcimer plus Tears for Fears what's not to like!

LAN Party for geriatrics!

He couldn't find the dog lead so he walked her like this!

Now please will you hang on!

The human eye is amazing even with ultra fast camera shutters,
most kids blink at that moment!

This air stewardess is a heroine, she found a note from a young girl in the toilets - called the cops
and saved her from being traffiked!

Must be an English demonstration!

It says "My face when I am told there's no more coffee!"

Thanks Klaus!

This cinema is self aware!

At first I thought this was more car dirt art, but looking closer
I think it's natural!

In Brazil theft is so endemic that........

This was on live Netherlands TV a few days ago!

From cottons to art!

Puts things into perspective eh?

Guard dogs or just being nosey!

Tonight's significant truth!

Thanks Chaps!

Looks like a Ta Da! Moment!

Tarzan would be proud!

Harwich Weather for Thursday

Rather cloudy with limited brightness. Feeling bitterly cold in the breeze. Easterly winds 9mph, gusting 16mph Min 1c  Max 4c  chance of rain 10%
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