Monday, 3 July 2017

Monday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, Another good day, with a boat trip this morning with number 2 son. PM Brisk walk, now time for more funny stuff just for you!

No - not flying, just exceptionally clear water!

He wasn't expecting that!

Novel garden ornament!

When that light went out suddenly there was a totally different meaning!

It's tomorrow isn't it?

His Dad and his Son - 70 years apart!

Two Grandads one Chinese and one Japanese
converse with Google translate!

It says "That is a rare picture of how a washing machine is born" !!

Ta Da!

God Laughed!

 Thanks Robert!

OK blame her!

Thanks again Robert!

I happen to like fireworks.........so

A black panther seen in infra red looks like this!

His Aunty dressed up as Wonder Woman in the 70's

Small World!

Thanks chaps!

Think about it!

He's got the moves!

Harwich Weather for Tuesday

A dry and bright start with variable amounts of cloud and light winds. Sunny intervals will develop through the afternoon, but also with a chance of a light shower. Maximum temperature 23 deg C.

Harwich Weather Now

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