Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Wednesday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends,  Another hot day, shopped for Aunty this morning, and hid in the shade for the afternoon. Now  it's cooler, I have crept indoors to concoct for you another "Little Gem"

Firefox ad!

You know what will happen, but you still giggle!

Thanks Klaus!

Too much computer?

Love the Cousins' slogans!

Taking the law into your own hands? !

In the mosquito plague this little chap is a hero!

Dad doing what Dads always do!

Now I am rather OCD - but I can't hold a candle to this guy!!!

The domestic gods were smiling over this kitchen when Dad dropped a plate!

Auckland Zoo don't have a naughty step for penguins
they have a naughty notice board!

When he looked in his son's room he saw this box -
 the kid said it was his "Just in case" box!

Dutch Philosophy...It says "Age isn't important unless you are a cheese!"

Thanks Robert!

She forgot to empty the litter tray, while cleaning her teeth
 she heard a little tinkle and saw this...

As I told you many times before 90% of them are cabbages!

The Quebecois are at it again!

Thanks Again Klaus!

Harwich Weather for Thursday

Thunderstorms may become widespread and locally severe with hail. Later, thunderstorms drift away Northwards with drier conditions following. Very warm and humid. Maximum temperature 25 deg C.

Harwich Weather Now

Thanks as ever for your kind support!



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