Monday, 11 December 2017

Monday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, It was a wet, sleety sort of day, a staying indoors day. I tackled a job that I have been going to do for more than two years, and that is re-organising my computer space. After several hours grovelling among the spider's webs, I had filled a bin bag with redundant cables! Now it's time to use my shiny computer to send to you the latest funny pictures.

Hey I am Mr Apple - Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Yes Crazy is a word!

Thanks Klaus (That is our Uncle Klaus - not the Santa one!!!)

Young pupil's Christmas card to his teacher!

This is great! - A bit unlikely buuuuut!

Take it!

Tonight's Philosophical thought!

Peppa fans look away now!

3 years ago when they unpacked their artificial tree
a worker's badge fell out. Now every year they
hang it on the tree as a homage to worker 52!

May be true, but you have to see a rainbow first!

When he was a baby his sister dropped him!

This guy is a Mormon. He was often teased about his multiple wives.
He doesn't have any but this is his Christmas card - Revenge!

Kids in the computer era!

Thanks Gloria!

Lovely contrast Lavender against Wheat!

Comcast are in the US, but I'll bet many of you
 would say the same about your Internet provider!

He is still missed!
Thanks Robert!

Hi My name is Ray!

Compression ring!

Harwich Weather for Tuesday

A very cold day with temperatures barely rising above freezing for most. Plenty of sunshine and light South-Westerly winds. Frost and ice quickly returning during the evening.
Maximum temperature: 1 deg C 
Wind: South-West 7 mph, gusting 15 mph
Thanks Essexweather.com

Weather Underground PWS IHARWICH4

Thanks for your support!



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